Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Banana 'Ice Cream'

This is so simple, yet so tasty, and you won't believe it until you try it.


(yep, that's it!)

Slice up a banana or two, then freeze it.

I've found it's easier to slice then freeze, since cutting a frozen banana isn't easy. It'll take a few hours for your slices to freeze. I usually let mine go overnight.

Whip out your trusty Magic Bullet or blender.

Toss in your bananas and blend.

You can dribble in a tiny bit of milk or vanilla or cream if you want, but your bananas, after a minute or so, will come out looking like this:

Unless, of course, your Magic Bullet dies. Which mine finally did, right in the middle of banana-ice-cream-making magic. The above picture is a screen shot from months ago when I first tried this recipe.

So what's a girl with a broken Magic Bullet and no blender and a serious craving for banana ice cream supposed to do?

She gets creative. And out comes the hand mixer. And guess what? It worked!

A blender is still ideal, to get the ultimate creaminess. Seriously, it gets to the exact texture of soft-serve ice cream.

You can even store it in the freezer, then later serve it to your guests at a dinner party and make them guess the ingredients. Or ingredient.

Or you can add some mini chocolate chips and gobble the whole thing. What? It's just bananas! It's good for you!


  1. I'm totally doing this. You've been talking about it for months. Now that I know I can do it in The Bullet, I'm sold.

    What was the final verdict on adding vanilla? Also - mini chocolate chips? BRILLIANT.

  2. Adding vanilla is nice, but not necessary. I bet you could add a ton of things - orange juice, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, instant coffee...

  3. We did it a couple times...It's good with choc chips, but didn't like the vanilla in it.

  4. Had this at your Parents' this weekend. Who woulda thunk it? Delicious. (They also told me about this blog :-) )